vehicle that stalls? learn what it could be

Does your vehicle stall or stutter when you come to a stop? If this is a problem you are experiencing click here to learn more about it.

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vehicle that stalls? learn what it could be

Does your vehicle stall or stutter when you come to a stop? Do you struggle to keep your foot on the gas at each stop light to ensure the car doesn't stall in the middle of traffic? There are several issues that could be causing your car to stall - some of these problems are easily fixed. If this is a problem you are experiencing, take a moment to visit my website. There, you will find a list of possible causes, some troubleshooting techniques and what your mechanic may do to keep your car running when you stop. It is my hope that you will find exactly what you need to help keep your car running from start to stop.


Don’t Do It Yourself: 4 Reasons You Should Choose A Full-Service Gas Station

24 April 2019
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If you've never enjoyed the benefits of a full-service gas station, you're missing out. Self-service gas stations may give you access to the fuel you need for your vehicle, they don't provide you with the benefits you'll receive from a full-service station. Here are just four of the reasons why you should choose full-service for your fuel needs. Receive Valuable Vehicle Maintenance When it comes to vehicle maintenance, it's easy to forget about the little things that need to be done, such as checking the oil or monitoring the tire pressure. Read More …

Think Your Car Suffered Hail Damage? How to Tell for Sure

20 March 2019
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Hail damage to a car is something often covered by auto insurance, but is it really worth it? Not all hail damage is enough to quantify an auto claim. In fact, your vehicle would have to go through a lot of heavy hailstorms to come close. Then there is the possibility that what you think is hail damage actually is not. How can you tell for sure if you want your auto insurance to pay for the damage? Read More …

4 Tips To Protect Your Windshield

10 February 2019
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Your car windshield is built to withstand the force of your car traveling at high speeds. However, it's still made of glass, which means your windshield can become damaged if you don't care for it properly. Here are four tips to help you keep your car windshield in excellent condition: 1. Keep your car out of the sun. The sun is bad for more than just the paint on your car. Read More …

3 Reasons To Invest In Regular Brake Services

7 December 2018
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Brakes are the most important safety feature on modern vehicles. Without a functional braking system, your chances of being involved in an auto accident increase. Maintaining your braking system is an essential part of car ownership. If you overlook brake services, you could find yourself without the ability to bring your vehicle to a stop quickly and efficiently in the face of an emergency. Consider the potential dangers that exist when you fail to have your brakes serviced on a regular basis. Read More …

Why Replacing That Cracked Windshield Is So Important

7 November 2018
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If you have been driving a vehicle that has a cracked windshield, you should stop doing so and call for an appointment to have it replaced. You will want to read through the following reasons why a windshield replacement is something that you do not want to put off doing. The Crack Can Cause Your Vehicle to Fail a Safety Inspection Every year, you may have to take your vehicle to a mechanic or testing station for a safety inspection. Read More …